New Wave Oven Review

The New Wave Oven can cook anything in minutes without adding fat. The cooking process extracts excess fat and leaves food moist and tender.

You can roast, steam, bake, broil, grill, barbecue, air-fry, and dehydrate with the New Wave Oven. The revolutionary design is as easy to use as a microwave oven, but with the quality of an oven baked meal.

It uses 85% less energy and cooks 50% faster than your conventional oven!

The cooking process also produces 2 ½ times more fat drippings than conventional methods. The more fat drippings you collect, the less fat remains in the food. The New Wave Oven does this while producing juicy and delicious meals with little clean up.

You can even place frozen food into the New Wave Oven, set the power level, and walk away. Your dinner will be ready in minutes!

What New Wave Oven Reviews Have Been Saying

This is the BEST invention since the light bulb. It work fantastic and is easy to clean. I cook everything in my Nu Wave cooker. – Marianne

Pros: Reviews frequently mention how easy the oven is to use. Some claims are made that the oven can handle a 13 pound Thanksgiving turkey dinner, producing a bird that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This oven is also easy to clean. It doesn’t heat up the entire kitchen while cooking, which is not only uncomfortable during the summer but also drives up home cooling bills.

Cons: Much of the negative feedback the product has received is about the plastic construction. Some were surprised to see that the oven has a plastic lid. Others thought that the product was bigger than expected.

The most common complaint concerns cracking of the plastic dome. Although the oven is dishwasher safe, the dome needs to be washed by hand. The high temperatures and harsh chemicals inside a dishwasher can cause plastic to weaken. Many reviewers have had their ovens for years, and they all mentioned that they washed the dome by hand.

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What Comes With The New Wave Oven

The New Wave Oven has 10 digital power settings. The oven has a 15 ½ inch wide base and serving tray and a reversible stainless steel rack. An instructional DVD teaches you how to use the oven and two recipe books are included for cooking delicious healthy meals fast.

Upgrades that are available include an extender kit that increases the oven capacity by 50%. The kit has an extender ring for fitting a 16lb turkey into the oven, a non-stick baking pan, and a cooking rack for cooking layers of food at the same time.

How to Get You New Wave Oven

The standard New Wave Oven is only available on line for $79.99 plus shipping and handling. The upgraded Nu Wave Pro is $99.99 plus shipping. When you order the Pro, you can get a New Wave Mini Oven for FREE.

Before ordering it’s highly recommend that you read our NuWave Oven review to see if this product is truly right for you.

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