NuWave Oven Complaints

Because it is an As Seen On TV product, people are naturally skeptical of the Nu Wave Oven. This natural skepticism tends to blow NuWave Oven complaints out of proportion.

As with any product, some consumers are not completely satisfied. However, most of the complaints that are being logged concerning this product have little to nothing to do with the quality of the product.

The NuWave Oven Cooking System

The NuWave Oven is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that cooks food faster with no added oils or fats. It is the perfect modern solution for people who have little time to cook, but need to eat healthier.

No defrosting is necessary. The Nu Wave oven will turn frozen foods into succulent gourmet meals 50% faster than conventional methods while using 85% less energy and producing 2 ½ time more fat drippings.

This results in delicious, healthier dinners that have less fat, are cooked in less time, and help save on energy costs. So, what’s to complain about?

Myths and Facts Concerning the Nu Wave Oven

The most recent NuWave Oven complaints that are gaining momentum concern a recent promotion concerning the NuWave Oven Personal Induction Cooktop. The PIC is offered in a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE promotion. According to the company’s social media specialist, the orders for this promotion far exceeded the company’s expectations. This resulted in them having to place the product on back order while new units were produced.

This is usually a slow process, and many customers become flummoxed over the situation and lashed out. The company is still working diligently to ensure that all previous orders are completely filled and to eliminate the problem in the future.

Other complaints reflect mishandling of the product on the consumers end. Some customers have complained in NuWave Oven reviews that the plastic dome lid has cracked on their NuWave Ovens. This is a rare occurrence, but has happened on enough occasions to warrant some concern. Although the product is advertised as dishwasher safe, it is best to clean the dome by hand.

The high temperatures and harsh chemicals of a dish washing machine will eventually have their way with anything made from plastic. Customers who wash their domes by hand have been enjoying their ovens for years.

Don’t let the NuWave Oven complaints you might have read scare you away. The vast majority of consumers loves the product, and is giving it superior ratings.

If you’re interested in purchasing the product then reading our NuWave Oven review is a must.

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